Another successful year for Paint the Day

Another successful year for Paint the Day

Hola! Inspired by Spain’s much-loved Pintar Rapido festival, the NAC once again ran its very successful community art festival this weekend. Contestants have one day to go out into Wolverhampton, staying within just a mile of the NAC, and create a piece of art. This year was the biggest year since Paint the Day’s debut, with artist passes completely selling out.

Many Artists headed to West Park to capture the day.

Maybe the sunny day was one reason for this. It certainly brought people out onto the streets of Wolverhampton. Much of the artwork depicted West Park, only a few minutes’ walk from the NAC. But the radius in which artists are able to work allows them to explore different areas, using different mediums, and, interestingly, some of the art started from the same local landmarks – the conservatory, or the statue of Billy Wright – but used them in very different artistic styles. Perhaps what a challenge like Paint the Day shows above all is that people can interpret their daily lives differently, while still being united through art and a shared commitment to creativity. 

Jay Valentino, a local artist who has been taking part in Paint the Day for three years, said “It’s important to support the local art community in Wolverhampton wherever possible. People see me sitting and working, and ask me what I’m doing. I try to raise awareness within the community about Paint the Day.” 

Artist Jay Valentino at work in just one of his chosen locations.

And the whole community is involved. The event attracts people of all ages including many children and reflects the cultural and artistic diversity of Wolverhampton. The number of entries from under 18s emphasises how important art is for bringing people together, no matter experience, background or age. Mayor, Claire Darke, commented upon how Paint the Day is “a celebration of our whole community.”. Roll on next year. Adios!

The Paint the Day exhibition is now open every day (10am – 4pm) until Saturday 29th June at 1pm, when public voting closes and the winner is announced.

Written by Polly Hayes