Art Unlocked – An Online Exhibition
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Art Unlocked – An Online Exhibition

Showing: 04/06/2020 to 26/06/2020

We’re very excited to bring our first ever virtual 3D exhibition, celebrating the work of NAC residents artists during lockdown. Art Unlocked will take place on Thursday 4th – 26th June and will be accessible to the public through our website at

Many Wolverhampton Artists have used this time to continue their practice, creating exciting new works in lockdown or self-isolation, inspiring each other and the public. We want to celebrate this artistic response and spirit of creation through difficult times by displaying these works in a new 3D collaborative exhibition.

NAC and residents have chosen, known for its high-quality 3D technology to host their new online exhibition. The online gallery will include the opportunity to purchase work, supporting local Wolverhampton artists and giving the public a chance to own a unique souvenir from this strange moment in history.

Featured artists include, Loz Taylor, Chris Manley, Hannah Boyd, Kom Achall, Clare Wassermann, Lindsay Pritchard, Jacky Fellows, Eleanor Gray, Ed Isaacs. The works on display will range from fine art painting and drawings, photography, digital art and more.

Opening Times:

Doors Open: 9am



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