Become a Fit Momma with Amy Whitters.

Become a Fit Momma with Amy Whitters.

Fit Momma’s is the Wolverhampton fitness enterprise who usually deliver regular classes at NAC. The get fit company are now running FREE pre and post natal fitness online classes to help you stay in shape during lockdown.

Amy enjoying her exercise routine with her son.

Amy Whitters is a mom, personal trainer, exercise to music coach, and pre and post natal exercise coach. She decided to set up Fit Momma’s Ltd two years ago, after realising how hard it is to keep fit with a little one in tow.

Over the years Amy has created a place where like minded moms who find it difficult to exercise (whatever the reason), can come together without the need of a baby sitter to enjoy their new fitness routine.

Amy hires our NAC dance studio space for these innovative exercise classless, where moms and toddlers have fun together. Keeping fit in a friendly and supportive atmosphere network. Amy is now reaching out to regular class attendees and new comers to offer some fitness support during this difficult time in lock down.

The classes have been a real success at Newhampton Arts Centre, Amy is now offering a series of FREE half an hour mommy and baby fitness class for you to get involved with.

The Fit Momma’s current time table.

Check out our new Online Classes section of the NAC website for the most up to date information about the sessions dates and times.

You can hear Amy Whitter talking about her work and sharing some tips to exercise from home on the latest episode of our new weekly podcast by clicking here. If you would like to get involved with Fit Momma’s classes simply follow the follow The Fit Momma’s Facebook page and send Amy a message.