Board Member – who me?

Board Member – who me?

Did you know that the Newhampton Arts Centre is a registered charity and is managed by a voluntary Board of Trustees who meet regularly to ensure the centre is being well managed, fulfills its aims and objectives, is financially secure and has a sustainable future? Trustees are drawn from local residents, site users, arts professionals and business. There are currently some vacancies on the Board. We are looking for a diversity of backgrounds and experiences to create a balanced board that has the skills, understanding and enthusiasm to support the NAC.

If you are interested in the future of the NAC and would like to find out more about what is involved in being a trustee, we are holding an informal information session on Tues November 17th at 5pm. Anyone who is interested can then stay on for the board meeting to get a flavour of how it operates.

I have been a regular site user with the hip hop dance group Transit Trix since 2004.

It had never crossed my mind to think about how the actual centre was managed, let alone to become a board member until I was approached in 2011 and asked if I was interested. I felt that this was a privilege not to be taken or turned down lightly, so I took up the offer. My main role at the beginning was to connect with the community and look at Health and Safety.

I have learnt new skills and gained insight especially around Governance, Marketing and Fundraising. Most important of all is I feel valued as a Board member – one’s views are taken seriously and sometimes acted on

Keith Fraser, NAC Board Member.

For more information contact Christine on 01902 572090.