CEO Statement & Site Operation Update 11/11/2020.
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CEO Statement & Site Operation Update 11/11/2020.

All at Newhampton Arts Centre have been working hard to adapt our site operation to the new national restrictions that came into force on Thursday 5 November. We are disappointed to have to reschedule the live shows planned for this month, and also that most of our courses and classes have had to temporarily cease; though we know this is necessary as part of national and local efforts to control COVID-19.

Our workspaces remain open for residents to access their businesses. WCRfm continues to broadcast community radio for Wolverhampton, and education work continues in the two recording studios as well as with a range of training providers we have at NAC.  

All our activities remain supported by robust cleaning, hygiene and social distancing procedures onsite. We hope to welcome you back to NAC very soon for our seasonal show for families, Mischief and Mystery in Moomin Valley, and for live events in 2021.

Trevelyan Wright.


General Additional Principles of Site Operation during the new national lockdown.

  1. Newhampton Arts Centre has cancelled all live events for the period of new national restrictions.
  2. All courses and classes, training events and meetings have also ceased to run except for the specific purposes outlined below.
  3. All staff and residents are urged to ‘stay at home’ and only access the site for specific purposes that are allowed, including work where work from home is not possible.
  4. All of the COVID-secure policies and procedures that were operational across the site on 31.10.2020 have been reinforced.
  5. Anyone accessing the site must continue to sign-in using the NHS Track and Trace app or manually at the theatre reception.
  6. Opening hours have been temporarily reduced to 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday-Friday.
  7. No public-facing activity that is not for the specific purposes allowed in law will run onsite until 3.12.2020.
  8. Up-to-date risk assessments must be maintained by all.


  1. The guidance contained in the table is drawn from the national guidance Read here
  2. When additional guidance is published either from national or local government the table will be updated and the activity list reviewed.