Laurel & Hardy
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Laurel & Hardy

Showing: 31/10/2019 to 31/10/2019

Paul Merton said of silent movies that “They still work for audiences just as well as they did 80 or 90 years ago.”

Tom McGrath’s script about the life of Laurel and Hardy provides not just an insight into the slapstick, but also tells the story of this seemingly mismatched pairing of comedians. They became not only inseparable in the eyes of the public, but also emotionally dependent on each other in real life. Speaking from the “afterlife”, from which they have both returned, Stan and Ollie tell the story of their lives and also a range of other people who they knew and worked with.

Performers Adam Halcro and Jacob Harvey won a Funny Things 2019 commission to hone their skills as young comedy performers. They bring to the festival this performance about the iconic comedy duo.

Opening Times:

Event Start: 7.30pm


Adult: £8

Concession: £6

Additional Details:

Age limit: 8+

This is part of the Funny Things Festival 2019

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