Marginalization – A New Online Exhibition
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Marginalization – A New Online Exhibition

Curator/Artist Statement:

Activist artists, poets, photographers from past and present times have always responded innovatively to capture, create and question disparity. Gurdas Ram Alam was one of these advocates, known as the ‘People’s Poet’ his poetry highlights the way in which the poor and marginalized have always been the hardest hit in society. Many of his poems address the inequalities of status, social inequality and bias.

In this pandemic, lockdown and isolation we are reminded that marginalized people become even more vulnerable when in a crisis. The COVID-19 outbreak has shown this impact in various ways, highlighting the inequalities and imbalance causing people and communities on the fringes of society to feel rejected and forgotten.

Through their own art practice, 12 creative artists reflect on marginalization and discrimination. This Art, Poetry and Photography exhibition expresses and captures individuals’ experiences and emphasises that the personal is political.

An accolade to Gurdass Ram Alam by Mr Ramesh Chander

‘Monday 29th October 2012 retired diplomat Mr Ramesh Chander posted a blog, a touching tribute to Gurdass Ram Alam. Mr Chander lives in Gurgaon, NCR Delhi, throughout his career he has held many positions including ambassador of India to Belarus Indian (Punjabi), Consul General of India in Edinburgh Scotland, to mention a few. His interests are in contemporary history, international relations, current affairs, music, qwali, gazal and poetry’. 

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Komlaish Achall

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