NAC’s Future – A Message From Our CEO.

NAC’s Future – A Message From Our CEO.

We hope all our staff, residents and audiences are continuing to stay safe. In the six weeks since our last concerts and classes, when we had to close the gates, we’ve done, and continue to do much. Our buildings are being kept in good order by our staff who are on-site daily performing essential maintenance tasks. We continue to reschedule and arrange future events: so that we can restart activity we have a busy calendar. And we continue to develop online programmes such as the NAC@home podcast and virtual exhibitions to showcase the creative activity that Wolverhampton artists and organisations are undertaking under lockdown.

Our thoughts are also turning to what happens when we can re-open our gates again. We know three things: that it will be a gradual and phased process, with individual and small group activities first, followed by larger events later on. Second, that whatever we do we will conform to the government and local authority guidance on cultural activity. Last, and most important, we exist for our audiences and they need to be confident in what we do next.

But we know this won’t cover every question that our audiences have. Which is why we are asking you now for your thoughts on re-opening NAC. Please take a couple of minutes to complete our short survey and together we can ensure that when the gates swing open again we have a NAC that keeps everyone safe, and provides for years to come the concerts, classes and cultural activities that everyone wants to see in Wolverhampton.

Trevelyan Wright

Chief Executive


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