Out Of Darkness Cometh Light
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Out Of Darkness Cometh Light

A new online art exhibition named after the Motto of Wolverhampton, ‘Out of Darkness Cometh Light’ launches on 10th Friday July. This exciting exhibition has been curated by Wolverhampton artist and NAC resident Kom Achall bringing the works of artists who live or work /study in the our city.

Kom Achall, is a visual artist & street photographer, community artist and curator, she has exhibited at various locations in the West Midlands and curated many art exhibitions. Her newest online exhibition was formed from been in isolation during lockdown.

There are 21 artists creating work for this project, the online exhibition ‘Out of Darkness Cometh Light’ will be shared on social media platforms. The artworks are from a range of art disciplines – Visual Art, Painting/drawings, Photography, Photomontage, Digital Art etc. If you are on Instagram, please follow the account #out_of_darkness_cometh_light – Or you can follow the works of art on Facebook – Out of Darkness Cometh Light – Wolverhampton Artists. The exhibition will give a platform for Wolverhampton artists who are actively producing work at home in isolation.

‘The idea around working with artists and putting together an online exhibition was inspired by the word ‘Time’ and how time had changed for all of us and everyone was working around time differently.’ – Kom Achall.

The Wolverhampton based artist and NAC resident had began creating artwork in the limits of her home and local area, reflecting on, ‘there is darkness in life and there is light in life’ and it would only be a matter of ‘Time’ when we would be on the other side of our current situation. In this pandemic Kom was encouraged, when she saw artists putting their work on social media and invited them to take part in an online exhibition ‘Out of Darkness Cometh Light’. Look out for more information of the exhibition and artworks across NAC’s social media pages in the following weeks.

You can also hear Kom talking about the exhibition in Episode Nine of NAC@Home with specail guest Artist Kom Achall.