Paint the Day Information, Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Paint the Day 2018. . Please take few minutes to read this information. By registering for an artist’s pass, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Paint the Day is a challenge, competition, exhibition and festival all in one. We aim to produce 100 new works of art in 8 hours, celebrate the artistic talent in Wolverhampton, connect the local community with art and artists, and support Newhampton Arts Centre, our independent arts centre. This is a not for profit event and the 2018 festival is funded by local residents and businesses.

To Do In Advance

  • We recommend you chose somewhere to paint/photograph, in advance.  PAINT THE DAY MAP
  • Inspiration from last year here: PAINT THE DAY 2017
  • Work out how you plan to mount/frame your finished work. Framed pictures are generally more attractive to buyers. We will provide frame storage space during the day and a table to frame on.

Saturday 23rd June: Challenge Day

  • Artists/photograhers should come to the Newhampton Arts Centre between 9am and 11am to sign in. Jesters café will be open for breakfasts from 9am
  • Bring with you:
    • A print out of your ticket/pass
    • Any material you will be working on (canvas, board, paper etc). We will stamp it with the PTD logo. Pictures may be in any media that we can stamp and you can create in the day.
    • All materials must be blank and not pre-prepared with background sketches, (but canvasses may be primed in advance)
    • Photographers should log in with the camera they are using.
  • We will give you a PTD ID
  • After registration you may go off and create your picture outside, anywhere within the designated area. Your finished work can reflect any aspect of the area. There are no other specific criteria and last year we had a fascinating range of responses.
  • We will ask you to provide a mobile phone number and details of where you will be painting/ or phone/text us when you arrive. We expect some local media coverage on the day as well as photographers who may need to find some of the artists.
  • You may need a back-up plan for inclement weather. We would still like you to paint in a place that is open to the public, with permission and will provide a list of suggestions if the weather looks dodgy (eg park shelter, pub, café, Wildside Activity Centre, Avion Centre)
  • Some cafés/pubs in the area are offering discounts to artists on the day. An updated list will be circulated.
  • Return your artwork to the NAC by 5pm where it will be photographed and labelled for hanging. You will complete the registration form with the title and the prices.
  • We recommend that photos are  printed on A4 or 10×8” format. Help can be given with printing if necessary. Bring your camera so that you can prove that the photo was taken on the day.
  • Pictures will be hung overnight.


Sunday 24th June: Exhibition Day

11am-12pm Artists’ Private View. Brunch Bar

Artists are invited to the Private View between 11am and 12 noon.  Your wristband will give you entry and you may bring family and friends with you.

12pm-5.00pm Exhibition Launch and Award of Prizes

Open studios. Brunch Bar.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to meet other artists, the public and potential buyers.

Monday 25th June – Friday 29th June:

The Exhibition will be open at lunchtimes to pre-booked parties so if you know a school or other group who would like to come, tell them to get in touch. Public votes and auction continue.

Saturday 30th June

  • Exhibition & Auction open from 9am-12pm.
  • 1pm we will announce the Public Vote.
  • Sold and unsold paintings can be collected .
  • Payment of picture sales and prizes can be made by cheque on the day or by bank transer during the week.

Reaching Out

Paint the Day is a community event as well as an art competition. It aims to engage local people with visual art by seeing artists at work, coming to the exhibition, voting and having the chance to buy work. We encourage all artists to enter into the spirit of the event. Talk to members of the public if they are curious about what you are doing and invite them to the exhibition. Take some leaflets along with you.

Selling your work

We encourage artists to price their work at a level that will encourage people to buy. It is an opportunity for people who don’t usually engage with art to buy an original work. It is an opportunity to recoup your costs, not necessarily to make your fortune.  Feel free to ask for advice. This year we are extending the buying time and providing an on-line auction so prices have a chance to increase. You will receive 50% of the final price The NAC has no funding for the event this year, so the commission from the art sales is a vital part of its survival.

This year you will be asked to provide two prices.

  • Auction price:  A minimum reserve price.  If the painting doesn’t sell at the asking price it will go to the highest bidder.  Auction bids will be taken at the exhibition and then on-line throughout the week. We will put a minimum price of £10 on all paintings. You can stipulate a higher reserve up to £50.  This year the auction will continue for a week, to increase the number of people taking part and the chances of reaching a higher price.


Spreading the Word

Help us raise the profile of visual art and artists in the area. Get people involved. The more artists and visitors, the better for artists, the community and the area.

  • Encourage other artists to take part.
  • Encourage friends and family to attend the exhibition and bring their credit cards.
  • Use the Facebook Paint the Day event page to share, invite, comment and join in the conversation:
  • The Newhampton Arts Centre has Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts; use the #painttheday #nac #newhamptonarts

You can also do the old fashioned thing and talk to people! This works best.

We hope you have a great day and an interesting weekend. We will welcome your feedback and ideas afterwards. For any queries, ring me on 01902 572090

Christine McGowan, Newhampton Arts Centre Manager


By purchasing an artist’s pass, you agree to our Terms and Conditions:

1. Participants will have up to 8 hours to create a work of art outdoors in the designated area (see map).
2. Any visual medium may be used. (Past entries have included drawing, watercolour, pastels, acrylics, oil paint, photography, embroidery).
3. If the weather is bad, participants may work under cover or indoors, but still in a public place.
4. Artists must bring their canvas or other medium to the Newhampton Arts Centre between 9am and 11am on Saturday 23rd June, to be stamped before starting
5. Participants must return their art works to NAC by 5pm on Saturday 23rd June.
6. A maximum of two entries can be entered by an individual. An entry fee must be paid for each.
7. All submissions must be ready to hang – framed or be provided with a means of hanging. Hooks and wire should be attached. A table will be provided for framing your work. Works on paper may be displayed with blu-tak.
8. Photographs should be printed on A4 or 10×8” format
9. All work will be displayed in the exhibition at the Newhampton Arts Centre from Sunday 24th June to Saturday 30th June.
10. Photographers should be able to prove the photograph has been taken on that day.
11. All art works will be available for auction within guidelines set by NAC: Minimum price of £10; maximum reserve of £50.
12. Artists will receive 50% of sale price. The remainder goes to the running of the event.
13. Sales’ proceeds and unsold art works can be collected at 1pm on Saturday 30th June
14. Participants may submit a maximum of two works. £5 entry fee for second entries. (£2 under 18s)
15. All art works are eligible for the judged prizes and the public vote prize.
16. All art works by artists under 18 are eligible for an under 18 prize. (Proof of age may be required)
17. All photographs are eligible for the photography prize.
18. The judges’ prizes will be announced and presented at 12pm on Sunday 24th June. All work is judged anonymously
19. The public vote prize will be announced and presented at 1pm on Saturday 30th June
20. Photos of winning art works may be printed as postcards or in a calendar to promote the event and NAC. Permission will be sought from artists in advance.
21. Photos of the art works will be displayed on NAC website and social media.
22. Artists will be credited with all copies.
23. We hope this is all clear. Feel free to talk to us if you have any queries or concerns:; 01902 572090.

We hope this is all clear. Feel free to talk to us if you have any queries or concerns:; 01902 572090.