PoArtry, the art of creating new from existing pieces.

PoArtry, the art of creating new from existing pieces.

The Municipal Exhibition and Art Space at NAC (Muni) is welcoming its first exhibition of the year. The much talked about exhibition combines the work of poets and visual artists, PoArtry is a collaboration project which associates randomly willing participants paired in a way that each poem fits with an artwork and each artwork with a poem. Part of the Wolverhampton Literature Festival, PoArtry’s works will be exhibited at Newhampton Arts Centre from Friday 31st of January to Sunday 9th of February.

Come and take a closer look at the many works on display in the Muni Gallery Hall.

Imagined by the poet and maker Rick Sanders, this original creation is an opportunity to gather an associated work of different artists. Participants had three months to inspire and create a codependent artwork. The only rule is to produce two new pieces of work; one new artwork from an existing poem and one new poem from an existing artwork. The purpose of this exhibition is to see what can come out from a collaboration of two forms of art and to mix a variety of artists with different backgrounds and speciality. Reuniting 26 artists paired randomly, PoArtry is a real mash up of ideas and styles.

Don’t forget to pick up your PoArtry booklet featuring poems and artwork from featured artists at the exhibition.

“I wanted more people to know about NAC. This was a way of getting different inspirations, and creating something unique, something different”. – (Artist, Jacky Fellows).

Describing this event as a ‘community event’, Jacky Fellows is one of the talented artists, who took part in the collaboration project.

Be inspired by this original mix of poetry and art or discover something new in the PoArtry exhibition at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton from Friday 31st of January to Sunday 9th of February. The admission is FREE, don’t hesitate to have a look at this incredible collaborative artwork.

By Eva Payet.