NAC online visitors – A study.

NAC online visitors – A study.

Hello, my name is Eva, I am currently completing an internship in marketing at Newhampton Arts Centre. I am a French exchange student who has until recently been studying in Wolverhampton. In order to validate my master degree, I am carrying out a research paper on the role of digital technology in the relationship between audiences, culture and cultural institutions.

In the digital age, information and communication technologies have an essential place in the construction of our social interactions, our habits and our relationship to the world. People’s interest in information and communication technologies is of considerable significant and these technologies are disseminated in their daily life. This is why today, the majority of organisations opt for a digital communication strategy in order to increase their visibility and their notoriety.

 This is also the case for cultural institutions, wishing to adapt to societal changes by integrating digital technology into their strategy and mediation practices. From mastering these technologies to training professionals and equipping structures, major changes are expected and the challenges of these developments are numerous.

First, the research paper will provide an overview of the specification and evolution’s within the cultural sector and raise the uses of current audiences. Finally, it will include an analysis of the practices and customs of the audiences of cultural institutions.

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With this study, I would like to show how the online presence of the audience implies the construction of a relationship with the culture or with the institution itself. To analyse it, I have created a questionnaire in order to carry out a quantitative survey. The purpose is to collect data on the customs of online visitors. I have chosen to distribute this questionnaire electronically, by publishing on the social media pages of Newhampton Arts Centre. The questionnaire will gather specific questions in order to explain and describe the public’s digital uses. Moreover, the data that will be collected will be easily quantifiable and will be compared with the investigations of other researchers.

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