Wolverhampton born artist Kupid Val-Essoné and his team at Kupid’s World worked with members at ACCI to write and record poems, songs and create a music video style film about Whitmore Reans. The film they created together was shown at the exhibition. ACCI members were keen to see more opportunities to gather and connect: 

  • A place where people from all different backgrounds can gather regularly for free, with good music, drinks, food and celebrate life;
  • A community led festival where local organisations can share their opportunities and celebrate local talent;
  • An affordable space and a support service/network that could support the community to enable their ideas for community projects and activities to happen;
  • Business support for start-ups, including those with a community or social benefit focus.

The African Caribbean Community Initiative (ACCI) aims to provide a culturally safe service that will meet the needs of the African and Caribbean community and their families affected by mental ill health. They strive to develop a better quality of life for their service members through; the Wellbeing Hub Day Centre, Outreach Support, Supported Housing, Housing Advice and Counselling & Therapeutic Services. www.acci.org.uk  

Kupid Val-Essoné is a Senior Coach, SE Mentor, Author, Childcare Practitioner, TEDx Speaker, Recording & Performing Artist, Events Organiser, Spoken Word artist, Father, Plant Enthusiast and so much more. In Kupid’s World, there’s no standing still. Kupid the King finds inspiration wherever he looks and channels whatever moves him into his music. www.kupidtheking.com 

Thanks to all of the contributors to this project: Waldine Howard, Daniel Crozier, Deliah Jepkemboi Kosgei, Alfred Agoi Arthur, Michele Graham, Michelle Materson, Cameron Fields, Winsome Roberts, Timothy Davis, Spuda, Michael Wilson, Collette Ngatshu, Delrose Jackson, Mary Thomas, Cynthia Utete, Dorothy Pasipanodya and the team at ACCI. 

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