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ART 4 ALL Exhibition Submission

All artists-All disciplines-All abilities-All welcome

This Exhibiton is an open event. We welcome everyone to submit their art. Ticket sales will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

This is to be an inclusive exhibition where some extraordinary gifted artists will be exhibiting alongside artists just starting out on their own creative journeys.

2D Submissions – ENTER
3D Submissions – ENTER

Applications Open: Monday 12th December 2022
Entry Deadline: Tuesday 14th March 2023

Artists may enter up to four pieces of work in total.

1 Entry – £5
2 Entries – £9
3 Entries – £11
4 Entries – £12
Early Bird Offer: 25% off the above prices for the first 100 entries


Entry Requirements:

  1. All work must be original, solely conceived and executed by the artist. Copies in any form are not accepted.
  2. All media accepted, excluding photography.
  3. Reproductions of original works (such as giclée prints) are not accepted.
  4. Works created by digital means are acceptable, providing that they are not reproductions of original works.
  5. The exhibition organisers reserve the right to not exhibit work that is judged to offend, public decency or with an overt political message.
  6. By completing the entry form, you agree to the terms and conditions of this exhibition.


Art 4 All Exhibition

There are beginnings for all of us and the least experience amongst us have voice and values for those willing to see. Exhibiting gives them experiences, encouragement, aspirations too. Through that portal broader horizons will follow.

The experienced artists exhibiting here are doing so with humility and good grace and in the spirit inclusiveness. Perhaps we can all become a little closer to demystifying the art worlds hype by letting these works speak their simple truths.


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