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Bread Winner Festival – A mixed media exhibition, visual & poetic with lava lamps and doughnut cushions!

Celebrating the birth of wheat in the ancient lands of the Middle East with business, interfaith prayer, bread tasting, public discussions & art workshops.

The Flour Power Project began in 2017 and has involved; breaking bread with different cultural and political groups, art exhibitions on bread history and the land, giving out free sourdough mixes, baking various breads with young families in community centres and schools while teaching the geography and history of the ancient grains. 

Bread Winner is a mixed media art exhibition of visual, poetic and interactive art with lava lamps and doughnut cushions. Celebrating the birth of wheat in the ancient lands of the Middle East, bread was the first currency. Business trading, interfaith prayers, free bread tasting, public discussions on financial discipline and faith, with evenings spent on art workshops for parents to teach new creative skills to their children. There will also be stalls promoting environmental projects in the area for further adventures with local nature. 

Bake the Rules Food Festival, Wednesfield, 2021 had local people baking cakes to sell for their own causes along side free bread tasting and the art exhibition. £600 was raised for local charities and artists. Lets see what bread winner can do!

There will be spaces to relax and talk with a children’s area.

Monday 7 November – Sunday 20 November
Working £4 / Student £2 / Pensioners £1 /
Unemployed 50p
FREE ENTRY for disabilities, asylum seekers and refugees, in debt, children

To be emailed a programme nearer the time message Rachel or Sasha



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