• Event Start: 9:00 am
  • Gallery Hall
  • Early Bird adult: £6
  • Early Bird student: £5
  • Early Bird Family: £12
Additional details:
  • Please see all event information below. Open to all


Calling all artists & photographers: Can you create a masterpiece in 24 hours for Wolverhampton’s Paint the Day 2024 challenge?
Featuring an expert judging panel, prize money & a public exhibition of your work


24hrs making time: Sat 3rd August 9am – Sun 4th August of June 10am
Paint The Day sets the challenge of capturing a scene in just one day in your chosen medium within a three-mile radius of the Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton.


Everyone! The challenge is open to professional, amateur and under 16’s artists.
Open to all art forms, from drawing to landscape painting to photography and printing, you can interpret the scene in any visual style as long as it’s made in and about the local area. Your finished creation will then be displayed in an exhibition at the NAC’s Gallery Hall exhibition space, where visitors can purchase your piece in an auction with cash prizes judged by panel of professional artists and a public vote.


Registration Fees:
Early Bird Adult £6;
Early Bird Student £5;
Early Bird Family Ticket £12


Painting Prize: £100
Photography: £50
Drawing: £50
Under 16’s: £50
Public Vote: £50


FREE Public Exhibition – Sunday 4th August until 11th August – 11am – 4pm

Join us for a free public exhibition starting on Sunday, 4th August, and continuing through to Sunday, 11th August. Open daily from 11am to 4pm, the exhibition will feature an array of captivating artworks produced throughout the challenge.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, we’re inviting attendees to bid on original pieces from our ‘Paint the Day’ collection. And don’t forget to participate in our public vote to pick your favourite artwork.


This is the 3 mile radius of Dunkley Street.


You can explore and zoom in with the interactive map below:


1. Participants will have up to 24 hours to create a work of art within Wolverhampton ,between the hours of Saturday 3rd August 9am to the 4th August 10am
2. Any visual medium may be used. (Past entries have included drawing, watercolour, pastels, acrylics, oil paint, photography, embroidery,)
3. The maximum size of the artwork is A2 size (42cm x 60cm). All artwork must be framed ready to hang for the exhibition
4. If the weather is bad, participants may work under cover or indoors,
5. Artists must bring their canvas or other medium to Newhampton Arts Centre between 9am and 12am on Saturday 3rd August, to be stamped before starting
6. Photographs must be printed with timestamp included or be able to prove the photograph has been taken on that day.
7. Participants must return their art works to NAC by 10am on Sunday 4th August
8. One entry per person is permitted
9. All submissions must be ready to display – framed or be provided with a means of hanging. Hooks and wire should be attached. A table will be provided for framing your work
10. All work will be displayed in the exhibition at Newhampton Arts Centre from Sunday 4th August to Sunday 12th August 2024. Opening times of exhibition Daily 11am-4pm.
12. All art works will be available for auction throughout the exhibition Minimum price of £10; maximum reserve of £200.
13. 0% commission Artists will receive 100% of sale price.
14. Unsold art works can be collected from Monday 13th August Artwork must be collected from NAC within 2 weeks of this date, deadline: Monday 26th August.
15. Sales proceeds will be made available as soon as payment by winning buyer is made (payment is required by Monday 13th August).
16. All art works are eligible for the judged prizes and the public vote prize.
17. All art works by artists under 16 are eligible for an under 16 prize.
18. The judges’ prizes will be announced after 5pm on Sunday 4th August. All work is judged anonymously. We will also announce winners via social media.
19. The public vote prize will be announced via social media after the exhibition has finished and votes have been counted. The winning artist will be contacted.
20. Photos of the art works will be displayed on NAC website and social media for information and marketing purposes. Artists will be credited.

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