• Event Start: 8:00 pm
  • Theatre
  • Admission: £15

Shivraj Singh’s ‘Loophole’

Shivraj Singh is a young up and coming bass player from Birmingham who was first introduced to jazz through the Jazzlines Summer School and went on to study at Birmingham Conservatoire.

Since graduating in 2019 has performed with some of the leading figures on the UK jazz scene, including Soweto Kinch, Clark Tracey, Percy Pursglove, Sara Coleman, Denys Baptiste, Nikki Yeoh, Liam Noble, Jean Toussaint, Phil Robson, Xhosa Cole and the Black Voices.

His trio, ‘Loophole’, features Steve Saunders (guitar) and Luke D’Aulerio (drums).

It aims to experiment with non-cyclical forms, drawing influences from a variety of musical genres – from the ambient sounds of Aphex Twin to the fast free form swing of Amok Amor.

‘Loophole’ is joined by special guest saxophonist Soweto Kinch, who has been mentoring Shivraj as part of the Jazz Central Mentoring Programme for Jazz Midlands.


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