• Event Start: 7:30 pm
  • Theatre
  • CYT Member: £4
  • Concession: £7
  • Adult Admission: £9
  • Family: £25

You may have heard her name, but do you truly know her story?

CYT is introducing a fresh perspective to the tale of Matilda, featuring original and incredibly catchy songs, a completely reimagined narrative, and the familiar yet sometimes less-than-lovable characters. Drawing from Roald Dahl’s classic, “Matilda”, “Trunchbull” delves into the origins of how a character can evolve into someone so despicable and, frankly… revolting!

And just like that, the Trunchbull was gone! She has been banished from Crunchem Hall and the town, leaving Miss Honey as the new owner of Trunchbull’s grand mansion. As the students in Miss Honey’s class come together to clear out Trunchbull’s belongings, they uncover the secrets of her past and the events that led her to become the figure she was. Through the clear-out, Matilda Wormwood catches a glimpse of a side of Trunchbull that very few have witnessed, leaving her pondering.

Could there be more to Miss Agatha Trunchbull than meets the eye? Might Matilda and Trunchbull share unexpected similarities? Is she really gone forever?

Presented by Central Youth Theatre

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