GeoTone worked with Gatis Community Space over the summer of 2022 to find out about the people who use the space and about the area.  

They started off by interviewing everyone they could, asking them who they were and what Whitmore Reans means to them. They met a violinist and entrepreneur in the making, a volunteer with multiple degrees, a gardener getting back on their feet, a sci-fi horror expert, a refugee whose passion is human connection and African jazz. They were all part of one community where they gave their time and energy to one another, making things happen. 

Everything they recorded at Gatis has been put together for the Whitmore Reans Re-mapped audio walk, which takes you around the Newhampton Arts Centre and on a journey through this part of our world. 

GeoTone also collaborated with local artist Adam Billington on Gatis’ Lantern Parade. The theme for the 2022 parade was The Magical Mushroom Forest, highlighting the echoes in nature between the hidden mycelium of mushrooms that connects the trees and plants and our human hidden connections. Some of the mushroom lanterns from the parade were installed as part of the Reans Remapped exhibition. Participants made the lanterns into characters, with the parade telling a story that comes from Whitmore Reans. With the youth club and at drop-in sessions they created character biographies, stories, sound effects as well as recording songs and electronic music to help create a new local folklore for the Lantern Parade and the area.  

To carry on the conversation on the days GeoTone weren’t at Gatis they also installed a red telephone box, inviting people to respond to questions about the area. This was created with the help of the Gatis team, as well as James Townend and Tom Morgan. They wanted to make a quiet, private space where people could reflect on where they live, and imagine how it might be different. Thanks to all of the contributors to this project, especially the team and volunteers at Gatis Community Space. 

How to go on the audio walk: 

1.Download the ECHOES app by scanning this QR code or visiting

2.Load up the Whitmore Reans Re-mapped Audio walk

3.Go to the NAC courtyard and hit play.

You will need headphones to experience this audio walk. 


Acts of Random Caring CIC better known as ARCCIC (formerly Gatis Gardeners) was established in December 2013, to support the local community by creating a hub on a well known and loved site. A site known as Gatis Community Space that is open to and welcomes all. ARCCIC are not based on any specific faith or culture, but do seek to bring all cultures together through tolerance, acceptance of differences and celebrating those differences together as a community. The site is run by volunteers who come together to share their skills, start new projects, meet new people, socialise, generally help out and enjoy the site and all it has to offer, supported by a small management team who provide direction, advice and information.


GeoTone CIC is an arts and technology social enterprise with a mission to create and share innovative audio experiences with people who are disadvantaged, disabled, elderly, or living in remote locations. GeoTone is the brainchild of theatre makers Paul Hernes Barnes, Andrew Owen Cook and Lauren Phillips. They are all individual theatre-makers in their own right; bringing specialisms in site-specific theatre, place-making, disability theatre facilitation & directing and creative writing to GeoTone. 



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