This half term, families are in for a treat at the Newhampton Arts Centre (NAC) with the enchanting musical adaptation of “Luna Loves Library Day,” a highlight of the much-loved “Luna Loves” series by Waterstones Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho and illustrator Fiona Lumbers. This heartwarming musical invites audiences on a delightful journey through the magic of libraries, showcasing the power of stories to bring us together.

A Musical for Book Lovers of All Ages

“Luna Loves Library Day The Musical” is a captivating stage adaptation for children aged 3+ and their families, perfect for half-term entertainment. Crafted by Joseph Coelho himself, alongside composer and songwriter David Gibb, and directed by Dermot Daly, the musical brings to life the adventures of Luna and her father as they discover the wonders waiting on the library shelves.

From Little Seeds Music, this has been commissioned and co-produced by Z-arts in Manchester, with its successful preview in October 2023, the production has received support from a consortium of cultural organisations, including Wonderarts, The Story Museum, Big Imaginations, Manchester City of Literature, and Arts Council England, highlighting its significance in promoting literacy and the arts.

About the ‘Luna Loves’ Series

The “Luna Loves” series, beginning with “Luna Loves Library Day,” explores themes of family, love, and the joy of finding oneself in stories. Published by Andersen Press since 2017, the series has grown to include titles such as “Luna Loves Art,” “Luna Loves Dance,” “Luna Loves Christmas,” and “Luna Loves Books.” Each book, through the eyes of Luna, gently addresses complex emotions and situations, such as parental separation, with kindness, humour, and warmth, making them a cherished resource for families navigating similar experiences.

The Story Comes to Stage

Focusing on the first book, “Luna Loves Library Day,” the musical adaptation captures the essence of Luna’s special day with her dad. It’s not just about the books they read together; it’s about the magic they find in each story and how it helps them connect and heal. From dinosaurs to mummies, and mysteries to monsters, Luna and her dad’s library adventures are a metaphor for exploring the chapters of their own lives, making every discovery a step towards mending their bond.

Join Luna’s Enchanting Library Adventure

“Luna Loves Library Day The Musical” is more than a show; it’s an invitation to celebrate the wonders of reading and the unbreakable bonds of family. As Luna and her dad turn the pages of their story, they remind us of the adventures that await in the world of books and the magic that can be found in sharing those stories with the ones we love.

Don’t miss this magical musical adventure at NAC. Book your tickets now and give your family an unforgettable experience of laughter, learning, and the transformative power of literature.

Praise for Luna Loves Library Day The Musical

“Engaging, musical, funny and surprisingly emotional…This show is lovely for both adults and children – we were mesmerised by the whole thing.” – Explore And Play With Us

“There is something magical about seeing the pages of a book brought to life… Berraoui, Matthews and Davy as Luna, Dad and Mum do a lovely job of working together, under Dermot Daly’s direction, to tell Luna’s story.” –

“My kids (and my husband) sang all the way home.” – Where Are We Mummy


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