So, what goes on during a Freedom Road Project live performance you may wonder. Well, Freedom Road have been telling us all about it …

The Freedom Road Project is a newly formed, Heritage and Arts organisation run by Artistic Director & Founder Sabina Desir.

Using combined arts with an emphasis on music, voice, photography and film, Freedom Road Project produces works which explore the heritage of Black Communities alongside the themes of race, identity and belonging. The organisation is committed to doing this inclusively and believes that shared experiences enrich communities. Their vision is  to bring people together through arts and heritage to change perceptions of communities who have been othered and to re-tell stories inclusively through performance, music and art

💛 What is it?

Freedom Road Re-Imagined is an incredible immersive live music performance that combines music, photography and filmed footage to call attention to the resilience, determination and pride of Black British Communities.

💛 The visuals

The show’s visuals draw you into times both past and present when the collective and individual voice became weaponised as a force for change. We’ve teamed with some of the best photographers around including @dodgylight, @charlirootsfoto and @vanleyburkecentre

💛 The audio

Central to the show is the exhilarating music, music associated with the U.S and U.K Civil Rights Movement music that sustained, nurtured and educated…. music that became and remains some of the most important of the 20th Century. Intercut with the music and stunning visuals is the recorded voice of Tariq Forder who brings his lived-in experience, enriching the telling of this intergenerational conflict.

If it is at all possible to inject an energy of positivity amid turbulence and movement for change, Freedom Road Re-imagined does this brilliantly. The artists from cross-cultural and multigenerational backgrounds and bring incredible musicianship and storytelling and present a show that is moving, defiant and joyful all at once!

So…. now you know! The final stop on their tour is WOLVERHAMPTON on 30th September. Book your tickets below


Sabina Desir Vocals

Jessica Lauren Keybords and MD

Winston Clifford Drums

Tamar Osborn Saxophonist and multi-wind player

Ivan Hussey Cello

Jason Simpson Double Bass

Taariq Forder Additional Voice Artist

Jason Yarde Saxophone (Gulbenkian Canterbury, Newhamton Arts Wolverhampton and The Lighthouse, Poole Dorset)

Lascelle Gordon Percussion (Rich Mix, London)

Nathan Jones Filmed Footage/Visual Editor


Projected photo: Shaïny Vilo
'We feel a great sense of responsibility to represent both this momentous time and that of the historic struggle with diligence, passion and respect through the medium of art.' Artistic Director Sabina Desir
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