Wolverhampton venue looking for bands

Are you aged 13-21?

Want a gig?

Or want to Join a band?

Drop us a message to find out more about performing live at Newhampton Arts Centre at our Live and Picking nights.

About Live & Picking

This bi-monthly bands night has been running for nearly 10 years at the Newhampton Arts Centre. It showcases a variety of young more established bands and fresh new talent providing a great start for them.. With music styles that cover indie, rock, punk and metal. The event has a raw youthful  energy in a safe environment with the opportunity to work with an experienced sound and a lighting crew. Also be familiar with a sound check, assist with marketing the event and experience a secure backstage area until your scheduled stage time.

Not only this but on occasions new young bands can share a stage with a professional touring bands in front of a sell out crowd.

“Live and picking has meant everything to me. It gives me a place to enjoy the good bands in Wolverhampton and allows me to be myself in an environment where nobody is judgemental or critical about the type of person you are.” Dhaya Uppal 17yrs L&P event attendee

Numerous young people have gone on to follow a career in the music industry whether that be in performance, technical, a music teacher or being a promoter and have sighted Live and Picking as the place that gave them that initial start.

If you are interested in performing, please message the Live and Picking facebook page  or drop us a message and we can pass you’re information to the promoter.

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Live & Picking, Live music
Live & Picking, Live music

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