The Art Club – Studio 5

This art club is for everyone, run on a not-for-profit basis. We are a mix of students and artists who currently meet to help one another to develop each other’s individual arts skills.

The environment is one of encouragement, help and support; facilitating each other to reach their optimum levels of art and enjoyment.  We work with our own art, then each month we invite a various artists to run workshops, presenting us with fresh ideas and new techniques to expand our knowledge and abilities, helping us to discover our own preferred styles.

There is a choice of two sessions Monday or Wednesdays from 10am to 2pm. We have a lovely working environment, in Gallery Studio 5. We welcome new members at all levels of ability.

Currently we work with the many artists at the NAC site to provide workshops and to introduce more students to this excellent site and help build a growing network of interest and artistic interaction.  Another is to facilitate this growing community by making our studio available to artists without their own studio space but who wish to run their own courses.

Please contact Paul Owen at if you are interested in joining our expanding art sessions or need workshop space which can be arranged for an affordable pay-as-you go basis.

Why not try a free taster session. Normal rate of £7 for a four hour session

If you need workshop space we can work out a suitable cost to get your lessons launched



Phone:  Paul Owen 07788 144071

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