• 2 hours
  • Studio Block
  • Admission: £2.00
Additional details:
  • Children aged 4-7 years old and their families

Half Term  – The Crocodile Chronicles

A special treat for half term as we welcome The Crocodile Chronicles. An interactive drama performance for children aged 4-7 years old and their families. Children will hear a collection of classic stories about some loveable crocodiles and alligators through live performance and storytelling.

Sessions are:


1pm – 3pm


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“Crocodiles were long-lived reptiles who lived in the World of Narnia alongside their cousins, the alligators. Though land-based, they preferred to live around and in the water, living in lakes, rivers, and marshes throughout the land. They were some of the oldest animals that Aslan created. Some crocodiles were talking beasts. Crocodiles were also social animals, living among those of their own kind, and they were excellent at ambushing their prey, because they were meat-eaters. Because of their favoring ambushing over hunting, talking crocodiles were usually associated with the ways of the White Witch and opposed Aslan a lot. Their mothers took good care of their young, however, so at least they cared about their own kind.”

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