After a hiatus of nearly four years, the dynamic duo of James Delarre and Saul Rose have reunited, bringing their unique blend of fiddle and box back to the forefront of the folk music scene. Their return is not just a reunion but a rekindling of a musical synergy that has been deeply missed by fans and fellow musicians alike.

James Delarre, with his virtuosic fiddle playing, has long been a pillar in the traditional English folk scene. His involvement with bands like Topette!!, Mawkin, and Mawkin:Causley has not only showcased his exceptional talent but also his ability to infuse traditional music with a contemporary edge. His playing, rich with emotion and technical prowess, captures the essence of each tune, telling a story far beyond the notes.

Saul Rose, a master of the melodeon, brings a depth of soul to every performance. His tenure with Waterson:Carthy, a group celebrated with two BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, and his nomination for Musician of The Year in 2010, are testaments to his skill and artistry. As a member of Faustus and a founding member of Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band, Saul has pushed the boundaries of folk music, blending tradition with bold, new sounds.

Together, James and Saul are a force to be reckoned with. Their music is a conversation, a dance of melodies and rhythms that captivate and enthrall. As they step back into the spotlight, they bring with them not just years of experience but a renewed passion for their craft. Their performances are more than just a display of musical excellence; they are a celebration of the enduring power and beauty of folk music.

Their upcoming shows promise to be a blend of old favorites and new compositions, each piece infused with the energy and creativity that have become their hallmark. For those who have followed their careers, this reunion is a long-awaited treat. For newcomers, it’s an opportunity to experience two of the finest musicians in the folk world today.

As they embark on this new chapter, James and Saul are not just revisiting their musical roots; they are weaving those roots into something fresh and exhilarating. Their music transcends time, bridging the gap between the traditional and the contemporary, and inviting listeners of all ages to join in their musical journey.

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James Delarre & Saul Rose both have a serious pedigree in the folk genre: James with Eliza Carthy,...

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