Newhampton Arts Centre is seeking to commission a consultant to carry out evaluation of a creative community mapping project – Whitmore Reans Re-mapped.

Creative Community Mapping

As a community engagement process community mapping is about producing maps of a neighbourhood that involve residents, and which may feature assets typically missed by top-down mapping processes such as the Indices of Multiple Deprivation or Public Health surveys of neighbourhoods. These may feature deficits and needs, whereas community maps may draw together individual, community or institutional assets within a neighbourhood. Map-making can be an artistic process and many artists have drawn on mapping imagery and used the idea of the map to convey ideas. Simon Patterson’s The Great Bear (1992) takes the classic iconography of the London Underground Map and replaces the station and line names with categories of famous people, such as Engineers, Philosophers and Footballers. Grayson Perry’s Map of an Englishman (2004) draws on seventeenth-century cartography and also early medical diagrams to create a mental map of an imagined Englishman’s state of mind. Maps are a way of ordering and presenting 

information and the commissions will not necessarily look like a  conventional cartographic representation of Whitmore Reans. They will use a variety of media and could be designed to be listened to, walked around or touched as well as seen. The maps will be created in community engagement sessions and the coming together of all participants. The final form will be something that someone who is not engaged in the process can regard as artistic, creative and legible in terms of that collective map. We want to generate new narratives and knowledge about Whitmore Reans – and in the process discover where the gaps and needs are that a future role for NAC might tackle.

The Evaluation Brief

We are looking for an evaluation process that will enable us to understand how the work undertaken has enabled us to progress towards the project’s key outcomes.


Please send your CV and a short cover letter outlining your approach to the evaluation of this project. Please state:

  • Why you would like to work on this project with us
  • Information about your previous evaluation experience (this could include links to previous work etc)
  • What approach you will take to this commission
  • What experience you have of working with community engaged projects, ideally with a co-creation approach
  • Let us know if you have a DBS registered on the update service

Deadline to apply:  5pm Monday 11th July 2022

Please send your application to:

Further information: If you have any enquiries about applying for this project, please contact Jenny Smith on 

or call 07967 187822 / 01902 427033

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