Introducing Our “Pay What You Can” Season 

We’re thrilled to announce a unique approach to theatre this season, ensuring that everyone can dive into the magic of live performances. With our “Pay What You Can” initiative, we’re inviting you to choose a ticket price that feels right for you, making theatre truly accessible to all. This commendable initiative is generously funded and supported by Black Country Touring, reinforcing their commitment to promoting inclusive arts in our community.

It’s the Little Things!

Our season kicks off with the enchanting family theatre production, Thumbelina, on 31st October . Dive into a world of miniature wonders as Thumbelina navigates her way through challenges, seeking her place in the vast world. With live music, dance, and song, this performance promises to be a delightful experience for children aged 3-8 and their families. Directed by Rachel Dean, the show has garnered praise for its gentle and playful nature, with audience feedback highlighting its beauty and interactive elements.

Following Thumbelina, we’re excited to present a playful new comedy on an epic scale Model Village on 1st November. This comedy, marking New Perspectives’ 50th anniversary, transports you to an idyllic 1930s English model village. But all is not as serene as it seems. As the miniature village faces decline, model-makers Bob, Holly, and the radical urban artist, Cutler, join forces to rejuvenate the attraction. However, when the miniature villagers rebel, it’s up to the model-makers and the residents to find common ground. This satirical play promises to be both playful and subversive, challenging perceptions of reality.

Theatre for all

We believe in making theatre an experience everyone can enjoy. With the ‘Pay What You Can’ initiative, and the invaluable support from Black Country Touring, we’re breaking down barriers and inviting everyone to be part of these incredible stories.

To be part of this innovative theatre season and immerse yourself in captivating tales, book your tickets here.


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Brought to life through live music, dance and song, Thumbelina is helped by the audience to escape from a hungry toad, build a shelter from sticks and through their play, give her the strength to carry on and make it safely home. 

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