Little Red Riding Hood: A Magical Journey for Young Learners

Once upon a time, in a place not too far away, the Newhampton Arts Centre brought to life a snowy tale of a little girl in a red cloak. This isn’t just any story; it’s the magical tale of Little Red Riding Hood!

Why is this story special for our young friends?

  1. A World of Imagination: Little Red Riding Hood’s adventure in the snowy woods is filled with songs, puppetry, and music. Imagine being in a snowy forest, meeting talking animals, and singing along to catchy tunes!
  2. Storytime Fun: Teachers can read the story of Little Red Riding Hood in class. But wait, there’s more! Little friends can draw their own snowy woods, create cute puppets, and even act out their favorite parts of the story.
  3. Songs and Dance: The story isn’t just about reading; it’s about singing and dancing too! Children can learn the songs from the show and create their own dances. Maybe there’s a “Wolf Jig” or a “Red Riding Hood Hop”?
  4. Learning with Puppets: Puppets are magical creatures! They can talk, sing, and even dance. After watching the show, children can make their own puppets and tell their own stories. What if the wolf was friendly? Or if Little Red Riding Hood had a pet bird?
  5. Lessons from the Story: Little Red Riding Hood teaches us to be careful and listen to our loved ones. Teachers can talk about the importance of staying safe and always letting someone know where you are.

A Little About the Storytellers:

The story is brought to life by the Lyngo Theatre, a group of magical storytellers who have been telling tales for over 15 years! They come from a land called the UK but have friends in a place called Italy. They love to make children laugh, sing, and dream with their beautiful stories.

In Conclusion:

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood at the Newhampton Arts Centre is more than just a story. It’s a journey of imagination, creativity, and fun for our young learners. So, let’s put on our red cloaks, step into the snowy woods, and embark on a magical adventure!


This event is supported by Black Country Touring

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Little Red Riding Hood

9 December 2023, from £6.50

Lyngo Theatre return with a snowy wild wood where something is roaming the forest, animals are mysteriously going missing and a little girl has just received a beautiful red cloak from her granny. With puppetry, songs and music for all the family! We’re sure you’ll say what a great show we’ve got - all the better to thrill you with!

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