From Live Gigs to Theatrical Magic: What the Newhampton Arts Centre Team is Eagerly Anticipating This Season

Newhampton Arts Centre is thrilled to unveil its latest autumn brochure. But instead of just presenting it, we thought it would be insightful to delve a bit deeper. We reached out to our dedicated staff, the very people who breathe life into our events and programs, to share their personal top picks. From the melodies that transport them back in time to the theatrical performances they’re most excited about, here’s a glimpse into what our team is eagerly awaiting this season.

Trevelyan, CEO

Pick: Steve Mason

“I’m really looking forward to Steve Mason in December. He first came to prominence in the Beta Band – immortalised in the film of High Fidelity, when Jack Black bets John Cusack that he can shift copies of their album 3 EP’s just by putting it on the record shop sound system. I have to confess that sealed the deal with me too. Since the Beta Band’s dissolution he has made music with various collaborators as King Biscuit Time, Black Affair and The Aliens, as well as his own name. Centred around electronica, acoustic guitar, downtempo beats and his own warm voice he’s made some of the best British music of the past twenty years.”

Josh, Technician

Pick: Live & Picking

“I’m eagerly waiting for more Live & Picking gigs. The challenge of managing sound and lighting for four bands in one night is exhilarating. I love seeing a platform for young bands in the region.”

Stacey, Marketing Coordinator


“Spiders and Tin Planet are some of my most played albums, especially before going to JB’s on a Thursday with friends. I am looking forward to seeing them live for the first time and being transported back to being a teen!”

Karran, Site Administrator

Pick: Thumbelina

“It is the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon, escaping the everyday. Watching live theatre with children is a great way to share in the magic of imagination.”

Chris, Facilities Manager

Pick: Martin McAloon

“As a young man the music of Prefab Sprout was the backdrop to my weekend antics. For me one of the only bands that really defined the 1980’s. Melodies and lyrics that personally spoke to me. Listening to Steve McQueen and Swoon still transports me back to the careless days of youth, love and magical memories. The two mile walk to the phone box wasn’t a chore but something I looked forward to.”

Phil, Programming Manager and FOH

Picks: Josie Long and Ian Prowse

“I am looking forward to Josie Long. She hasn’t toured for ages and her last show in Wolves was ace. Its also her first time here and I think NAC is the perfect venue for her. I am also looking forward to Ian Prowse. He’s been coming to Wolverhampton since the 90’s with his first band Pele after a really special show which earned him lifelong fans in the area. His last show at NAC nearly took the roof off, so returning to revist that Pele album from all those years ago where the Prowse/Wolves love affair started is a super exciting prospect.”

Mark, Site Technician & Maintenance

Picks: Martin McAloon

“We have organised a group of 7 friends to see Martin, he will be performing songs written by his brother Paddy. I believe he is one of the finest songwriters of his generation , and Martin was an integral part of Prefab Sprout, I’m really excited about the gig , can’t wait 👍”

Suzanne, Marketing & FOH

Picks: Little Red Riding Hood and Big Sky Tour

“My son, who’s 5, has been to a few theatre shows, but I’m particularly excited about taking him to this one for some magical Christmas family fun. He’s at that perfect age where he knows the story, and I can’t wait to see his reaction. I know that NAC provides the ideal environment for close-knit yet highly engaging interactions with children. I also have a soft spot for folk music. The offerings this folk season have caught my attention. After sampling some of their tracks, I’m looking forward to listening to the vocals of Kathryn Williams and Polly Paulusma as they present the “Big Sky Tour” in Wolverhampton.

Autumn 2023 promises a diverse range of performances and events at the Newhampton Arts Centre. From nostalgic live music that transport you back in time, theatre productions that captivate, comedy acts that leave you in stitches, folk melodies that resonate with tradition, to family events that create lasting memories, there’s something for everyone. Join us on our staff picks in celebrating the magic of the arts this season!

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